We sigh, because we know there has to be more to life than what we’re experiencing. We fill our lives with busyness: going to work, earning a buck, making ends meet, and living for the weekend…or just surviving each day until we can fall into a chair and escape into someone else's TV reality. There must be more to marriage than just coexisting and keeping things civil…more to parenting than trying to make children behave. And there has to be more to this God thing than the boredom we experience in church, going through the motions of religion and being moral.

In those quiet moments before sunrise or at night staring at the computer screen, something deep inside us yearns for more….

A wise man once said, "The glory of God is man fully alive." The truth is, however, most of us have long forgotten what it means to feel that way. We've lost our hearts. We must find them again, because to be fully alive is how we, as men, bear the image of God and best reflect His glory.

Inside the heart of every man exists something fierce, passionate and wild...placed there by God Himself because we are created in His image. “We live our lives before the wild, dangerous, unfettered and free character of the living God” states Walter Bruggeman.

John Eldredge, in his book Wild At Heart, said “..the reason most men live lives of quiet desperation is because men have been told that the reason God put them on earth is to be a good boy. To be nice." There is more in God’s heart for men than simply to be ‘nice’. Men are designed to be dangerous - dangerous for good. God puts a yearning for adventure into the heart of every man. We want to be the hero. We want to save the day. We want to live intentionally and purposefully, to make sure that our lives count for something, for someone.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come so that they may have life,
and have it to the full.” - Jesus

Is there more to life? Yes. Is it a fight to find it? Definitely. Do we have to find this path alone? No! We can find it, but we need to take a journey. Opening Weekend is the first step in this journey. The weekend is no retreat: it is your opportunity to take four days out of your busy life to go on a guided expedition into the restoration and release of your heart. You will learn what it means to recover your heart and to fight for the hearts of the people in your life. Join us.